Keynote/PowerPoint Design - Aerial Parade Shows


Freelance Graphic Designer


Miziker Entertainment – Ryan Miziker

I was brought in to improve Miziker Entertainment deck presentations.

So I was brought into see how how I can improve upon the original presentations and took their existing work and added “visual magical storytelling” to showcase the wonderful work and concepts Miziker Entertainment was developing for their client.

I developed the logotype and typography and placed their character designs within a galactic, magical ‘realm’ or world, something I often like to do, as if you’re entering THEIR world.

Miziker Entertainment has an amazing history developing themed entertainment design working on some amazing events and shows throughout the decades.

Working with Ryan Miziker is always a kick and great experience as he is extremely creative and what I call ‘traditionalist’ in that understands my design mind and hands-on approach to graphic design, which comes from a shared tradesman/craftsman work ethic, hence my use of ‘Commercial Artist’ which some may consider passé, but not for me!