Photoshop/Keynote Deck Design - Empire Of The Gun Concepts


AMC/Asylum Entertainment

I created this Western inspired graphic layout drawing inspiration from the vintage TV 1970's ‘Night Gallery’ TV show. This is the second phase of sharpening the art direction of the presentation and TV show graphics. Photographs were rendered by hand by an illustrator and I created different artistic graphic explorations for the project, they really are like art pieces, that was my approach.

Much of this was, as with most of these entertainment oriented presentations, taking into consideration and foreseeing the TV show’s motion graphics and overall art and creative direction.

I approached this project using Photoshop CC to ‘paint with pixels’ using different textures and combined and added effects, modified, and mixed to create compelling visual graphics to represent the character’s personalities and even discussions between characters.

Each version is a new kind of piece of art, every visual transition a thing of beauty. I let my artistic side take me to new directions in order to create something unique, engaging and memorable.