Wesley Allen Catalog Redesign


Print Graphic Designer


Wesley Allen, Inc.


August 2019

Complete redesign of Wesley Allen’s iron furniture catalogs. This was a very challenging project in that I had to technically reconstruct each catalog using InDesign best practices so that the project could be easily updated in the future by other graphic designers with ease and clear understanding of so much information.

Typographically all the Wesley Allen catalogs were very industrial and were set in Arial and other fonts. I brought in a typographical order and integrated their website font, Clear Sans, throughout the catalogs I redesigned.

After my redesign efforts, their logotype ‘introduces’ the quality of their work and focuses on the textures, colors in their finishes and fabrics. The typography on the cover acts as a ‘sales person’ introducing the product. The sample cover and pages below show the final redesign, please note the product order key page. Their original version was spread across two pages and was convoluted and confusing.

Their information and order guides were difficult to understand, so I improved the way the SKU/Options were laid out, in a more clear, hierarchical-flow of information. I also designed and developed on the fly, an iconographic solution to their Sample Pricing and Dimensions sections.

I redesigned not only the product information based on a grid, but also the iconographic product information and key from the ground up, creating hierarchy, simplifying the information so that I could make sense of something I also knew nothing about(!)

Also, note the iconography in the product order guide pages, the client originally provided photos of their sample chips, etc. and I realized that an iconographic approach was the best solution as making photographs of samples very small would only visually confuse the reader. I created the iconographic guides graphics in one afternoon. I worked very fast but with accurate, consistent and clear visual results.