Monkey Kingdom Presentation Book


Lead Graphic Designer


Landmark Entertainment Group


(Edited to preserve confidentiality)

An example of how diverse I am and how I can take any design challenge thrown at me and design and manipulate imagery with ease and high adaptability. If you’re looking to fill a role, and you’ve reached this portfolio piece and still are not convinced I can do the work and fill the position you have, I don’t know what to say.

This project was fun, it was a presentation book that encompasses overall ‘entertainment design’. I did it all the design layout, typography, visual communication storytelling and information flow, conceptualizing the ‘ancient’ paper/scrolls look, the Photoshop image enhancing and manipulation such as masking, effects, scanning, you name it.

Of course, except the illustrations and photography which in their own right are as you can see, fantastic. Other artists work inspires me, I know in an instant how I’m going to package and create a package that will rock the intended audience and client(s), it all manifests in the mind’s eye and I use an ultra fast Mac Pro and Adobe Software and my YEARS of accrued software/macOS skills to get the job done. And FAST.